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Financial Planning Jobs

Financial planning jobs are jobs that involve continuous research and development of market and finance industry. The graduates from any field with an additional financial education can make a career in financial planning. The employers are continuously in the search of individuals who have comprehensive knowledge and skills pertaining to financial planning. The financial planning jobs are highly remunerative as it involves determining, planning and decision-making on one's hard earned money. Individuals seeking to make a career in finance can receive job opportunities from corporates, credit unions, banks, insurance and various other financial institutions.

Different financial planning jobs/posts available are:

Financial Planning Manager
The job involves providing innovative solution to customers to secure their lives. The person should be a graduate and an experience in sales would be an added advantage. The key responsibilities of a financial planning manager include:
• Managing his/ her complete financial portfolio.
Maintaining team productivity and achieving team and individual targets.
• Identifying and providing financial planning assistance to the clients.
• Providing excellent customer service by offering quick response to customer queries.

Financial Planner or advisors :

A degree in economics or business is required education for financial planners. The role of a financial planner is to develop financial plans for individuals and businesses and use their knowledge in investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans, real estate and taxes to develop financial plans for individuals and businesses. Financial planners can work for banks and institutions that specialise in offering financial advice. The job of a financial planner also involves interviewing the clients in order to identify their assets and liabilities, insurance and taxes, so as to provide valuable information about their financial planning.

Their key responsibilities include:
• Marketing the product and convincing the clients.
• Determining clients financial matters and goals
• Thoughtfully absorbing the information about clients
• Provide financial advice on tax and estate planning, retirement planning and investing.

Corporate Actions Officer - Cash Equity :

Corporate actions officer is an exciting financial planning job opportunity in the field of Cash Equity. The job attracts fantastic salary package and job security. You have a prospect to build a long-term career with investment banking corporate with growth plans. The key responsibilities include:
• Meet the deadlines, record and ex-date positions
• Escalate the problems that arise from day to day processing of corporate actions

Business finance opportunity in banking

Banking business heavily contributes to the economy of the country. Dynamic individuals can acquire a key role in this industry at different positions. Since banks are a vast financial institution, you have the opportunity to work in different departments of the banks. You can be a Financial controller, an Expense analyst or even the Bank manager.

Retirement and Estate Planner :

The clients rely on retirement and estate planners for planning their life after retirement. As a retirement planer you can work closely with the bank's relationship manager and insurance advisors to advise the clients on necessary retirement and estate planning. You need to have knowledge about taxation and investment guidelines in order to provide structural advice to the clients. .

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