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Financial Planning Career

Many people shy away at the thought of taking up financial planning career. However, the concepts and consequences that are often defined as financial matters require a financial planner as a guide. More so than other financial careers, financial planning requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Advising a client on the complicated tax, insurance, investment and estate planning matters is a crucial decision for the practitioners. This has paved way for the emergence of financial planning career.

Need for financial planning career

A career in financial planning is a rewarding career option today as job opportunities in financial services are increasing day by day. There is an increasing need for the financial proficiency. A career in financial planning includes various areas like corporate finance, commercial banking, insurance, investment banking, money management, real estate and financial planning.

Qualifications necessary for making a career in financial planning:

The eligibility criteria for creating career in financial planning services differ from post to post. While some of the jobs need an individual to master in finance, economics, risk management or a chartered accountancy, just a bachelor's degree from any discipline is sometimes sufficient for making a career in financial planning

How does financial planning career help in employment?

Financial planning organisations look for candidates with a bachelor's or a master’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, business, mathematics or law. Sometimes, courses in investments, taxes, estate planning and risk management are also helpful. Individuals eager to make a career in financial planning can receive systematic educational programme in from various colleges and universities. The job of a financial planner is given many names such as, financial adviser of personal financial consultant, but it's rarely called what it typically is: financial product sales.
People can make a financial career in banking, insurance and portfolio management sector. A financial planning career helps an individual to start with large firms and eventually move into private practice, which offers a great deal of independence. More than half of all financial advisors work for finance and insurance companies, including securities and commodity brokers, banks, insurance carriers and financial investment firms.

Skills Required for a Career in Financial Services:

Financial planning career is a prosperous and secure career option. The candidate just needs to apply his skills in quantitative analysis, tactical financial planning, investment management and sales. The person should also have good mathematical skills, computer skills, logical skills, leadership skills, communication skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills and organisational skills. Ability to speak in any foreign language is considered as an additional qualification.

Recipe for Success of financial planning career:

As the number of people involved in financial investment increases, and the young generation thinking more seriously about their retirement plans, both analysts and advisors will have the opportunity to provide them financial services they need. The individuals who seek a financial planning career are most likely to succeed in the field of financial planning. The recipe behind the success is that they have to like the business they are in and put together a diverse portfolio to solve the customer's needs.

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