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Financial Planning Association

The financial planning Association (FPA) is a leading organisation that represents and governs the financial planning community. It is the peak specialized body for financial planners, representing approximately 12,000 individuals and businesses. The FPA is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors who is thrilled with helping the organization reach its primary goal while safeguarding the organization's rules.

The financial planning Association believes that everyone needs advice from a financial planner in order to make informed financial decisions, and that the financial planner should be a certified financial planner licensee. They demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of professional competence, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure for financial planning professionals. They undertake the task of fulfilling client’s dreams and goals. The Association’s staff creates an unparalleled membership experience by personifying the organisation's core values.

The individual members of financial planning Association include financial planners, accountants, attorneys, bankers, charitable giving specialists, insurance agents, stockbrokers, money managers, investment consultants, corporate executives and others who excel in the financial planning process.

Benefits of being a FPA member:  :

The best benefit offered by the financial planning association, to the practitioners who succeed as financial planners, is the promotion of knowledge of financial planning, sharing best practices and encouraging professional development. They also provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills to advance their professional and personal goals. Financial planning Association is the only institutional membership which connects firms that support the financial planning process to the financial planning community. It is the foremost resource for information and tools, and connects consumers with financial planners using a client centred, ethical process. Through FPA, clients can:

Be connected with a certified financial planner professional.
Receive knowledge on a variety of financial topics.
Seek information from any FPA member about general financial planning.
A key initiative taken by the financial planning Association’s social responsibility program has enabled the members to provide free or reduced cost financial advice to its consumers.

Value of advice :

Financial planning Association has initiated the ‘Value of Advice’ campaign to build awareness among the consumers about the importance of obtaining professional financial planning advice. The members of the association, who exhibit ‘best practice’ financial advice for their clients, are publicly acknowledged with the ‘Value of advice’ awards. The FPA is also inviting all members to make a "Voluntary Contribution" to a number of valuable causes, including the Value of Advice campaign, CFP Mark campaign, Future 2 campaign etc.

The FPA recognition internationally

The financial planning Association has international members in 32 countries that form an integral part of its diverse community. Out of these groups, 23 countries offer support to foster the profession outside the country. They work to expand public awareness, maintain high standards in member practices, and ensure the highest level of competence and ethics in financial planning. With the help of experience colleagues all around the world, Financial Planning Association is growing internationally. FPA believes in the importance of the global financial planning profession and works to support its growth.

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