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Financial Planning Advisor

Financial planning advisor is a person who provides customised financial planning solutions to individuals in order to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Like most of the people, you may be concerned about funding your retirement, unsure of your investments, or wonder if your insurance plan is sound. The role of a financial adviser is to thoroughly understand your goals, financial position, income tax situation and risk tolerance before making any financial proposals.

Why do we need a financial planning advisor?

During financial crisis, it more essential than ever to take the help of a financial adviser to make the right calls when it comes to your personal investments and financial planning. Some people feel that hiring a financial adviser is pretty much a waste of money. But having a certified financial advisor is the best thing you can do to save money.

How to choose a potential financial planning advisor?

When selecting an advisor, make sure that you are hiring the manager. He may have greater financial knowledge and made a leadership in planning, but you still have the prime responsibility and should control the relationship.
Be assured about whom you have chosen to advise you on something as important as your financial affairs. Most financial planning advisors will meet personally without charging you any fees for between one-half to one hour. Beware of any such advisor who asks for payment at the outset.

It is very essential to check the qualification of your financial planning advisor in conjunction with the experience section. The certified financial planner (CFP) is regarded as one of the industry qualifications internationally.

Check your financial planners experience as it is very useful in determining whether a financial planning advisor is suitable for your personal needs.

An investor should prepare some potential screening questions that can be used in evaluating potential advisors. The questions should generally include information on his background and training, fees and contracts, services and references etc. The questions may vary. However, it is important for you to select the questions which can fetch the detailed answers.


The financial planning advisors generally maintain fee-only payment arrangements with their clients. This helps the clients to maintain trust and reduce dishonourable behaviour, separate financial decisions from purchases, and obtain lower cost financial products. Some advisors charge fees on an hourly basis with respect to the client's interests. With hourly and fixed fees that client knows what he or she is paying and keeps the full benefit of the advice.

Benefits of hiring a financial planning advisor:

The greatest benefit of having a certified financial planning advisor is that you would get to spend more time worrying about things other than your money. Once you find the right personal financial advisor for you, you will find that there will be someone who would, on a full-time basis, study the market and provide you with the market information that you need. A financial advisor working personally for you will also most definitely be able to best explain the complexities of markets better than any other sources like financial news and media.

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