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Financial Divorce Planning.

There is heavy emotional chaos one when one experiences a divorce. Despite this one needs to be careful and sensible enough to have an appropriate financial divorce planning to ensure an adequate fiscal well-being and that of the children as well. It is important that one be emotionally stable to take the suitable financial decisions in this situation. One should consider financial security in such circumstances, whatever the emotional stress that the divorcee is going through.

To start with, one needs to know the assets to which the divorcee is attached to. :

A simple example would be the case of a home loan taken jointly by the divorcee and his/her former spouse and also if the divorcee is the landowner of any housing property. Resolution of financial issues in such situation normally takes some time; hence people tend to hurry up as early as possible, which result in disastrous financial divorce planning. It is obvious that you and your spouse would be in a hurry to complete the divorce formalities as early as possible. This might end up in you having less money in your basket at the end of the divorce formalities.

After the divorce if you have settled down in terms of emotions, the divorcee should start concentrating on the fiscal and pragmatic aspects of the divorce, guardianship of the children, a better future, etc. Legal hassles should be prevented as far as possible, which once again requires proper financial divorce planning.

Here are a few tips to prevent legal hassles after a divorce by way of financial divorce planning:

1) Post separation, livelihood costs are a big burden, since they shoot up like anything. It is imperative that the divorcee have a practical view from the fiscal angle.

2) One could even start working to bear the legal and living costs, which will ensure proper maintenance of oneself and children, if any.

3) It is better to settle out of the court, any financial problems arising out of the divorce. This may depend upon the nature of your spouse.

4) One should try to gather as much proof as possible regarding legal documents, property documents, investments, bank statements, wills, family assets etc, and also maintain a list of them. This is important, since in many cases it has been found that one of the spouses will not be willing to part the legal amount due to the other.

5) Higher a legal or an expert advisor to evaluate the value of the intangible assets/family heirlooms, which you cannot assess.

6) Pursue for the closure of all joint bank accounts.

7) Alter the nominations of any insurance policies on other investments, in case the nominee is your spouse.

A divorce normally is emotionally exhausting, but one needs to be aware of most of the financial aspects post divorce to avoid any fiscal disaster. This can be achieved only by way of proper financial divorce planning. Lot of certified divorce lawyers can be found to ease the divorce process between the spouses. The divorcee needs to look at these aspects closely to ensure long-term financial stability post divorce.

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