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College for financial planning.
The College for financial planning was originally established in the year 1972, to provide continuous education on financial planning to all firms and individuals offering detailed financial planning advice to their clients. The College of financial planning is located at Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States. It was originally founded to formalise financial planning, set high standards and establish a thorough certification process for financial service experts.

The first ever certified program, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for financial planning was introduced by the College for Financial Planning. CFP has evolved as the world's most recognised and respected financial planning course with more than 50,000 professionals having earned the title. Other than CFP, the college also offers Master's degree in financial planning for more in-depth knowledge of the finance industry and professional designation programs in asset management and retirement planning.

The mission :

The College of financial planning is a private, for-profit organisation which aims to provide available and flexible degree, non-degree and continuing professional education programs to its learners. You need to invest in less than an hour of your time, and you will learn how to navigate the process to get the best financial aid package possible. The professional programs provided by the college gives licensing or certification to the students through individual courses, through graduate-level study in the areas of financial planning or financial analysis, leading to the reward of a master's degree and through continuing qualified growth.

The educational model

Courses are planned according to the skills and knowledge necessary for proficient financial practice. Quantifiable learning objectives have been developed, classified, and incorporated into the study materials to encourage master’s degree.

The faculty of the College maintains high standards and carefully creates and regulates the instructional materials. Most courses can be learnt independently. The College for financial planning has recently employed its learning model by providing printed study materials, web-based resources and faculty support. Students are supposed to give a final examination after completing the required studies, after which an official performance feedback is given to them. Learning methods include independent study, blended and mentored study, and classroom instruction, as well as seminars, workshops, and conferences.

The objectives

The basic objective of the College for financial planning is to initiate an entirely new platform for circulating education in unique discipline of financial planning. They aim at producing specialists who would offer financial solutions of international standards to their clients for meeting financial goals of their life. The College concentrates on providing learning opportunities to people in all geographic areas through their exclusive programs of financial study.
The college believes in emphasising professional education to students keeping intact the relationship between theory and practice. They offer theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary to adapt to changes in society and keep pace with the evolving fields of finance and financial services. Every student from college for financial planning will be capable of providing financial counselling and related services, or execute financial suggestions pertaining to Insurance, Investments, Tax, Retirement, or Estate planning.


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